Terms and conditions

Students contract to:


  • Disclose any personal medical or psychological condition before enrolling, or any situation or handicap, which might affect the ability to study or complete the course, or to deal with members of the public as a professional therapist.
  • Notify the school of any changes to your health throughout your course period.
  • Notify the school of any changes to information listed on your application form.
  • Have your own email address and check incoming emails from the school regularly, complete your pre-course homework on a digital device with internet access, prior to the first lesson,  and have access to a printer throughout your course.

Fees & Charges

  • Pay the full course fees including any extra tuition fees, examination fees/resit fees or late payment fees where applicable, in line with the payment schedule on your invoice.
  • All these fees must be paid 2 weeks before your ITEC practical exam date.
  • For students paying in interest free instalments, if you have a problem with your payment agreement, please try to resolve it with us in the first instance.
  • Late payment fees will be incurred if any payment is not made on the date stated on your invoice. A £10 late fee will be automatically applied per month that any payment is outstanding.
  • If the deposit, second and third instalments have not been made prior to your first class, you understand you will not be able to attend the class.
  • If a payment is late and has not been cleared before my next lesson, you understand you will not be able to attend this class and agree to pay all further costs incurred as a result of this.
  • Attend all scheduled sessions or arrange catch up sessions with your tutor at an additional charge of £25 per hour.
  • If The Norwich School of Beauty, at their discretion, allow you to attend another class instead of your usual one, you agree to pay £15 for this session.
  • If you decide to leave the course for any reason you will not be entitled to a refund of any payments you have made to date. All remaining course fees will still be payable by you as per your invoice.

Attendance & Course work

  • If you have less than 80% attendance the school reserves the right not to include you in any exams and you may be asked to leave the course, you agree you will still be liable for full course fees.
  • Submit typed up pre-course homework before the first lesson via email
  • Maintain reasonable punctuality and arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts.
  • Submit work for assessment at the agreed times & complete the required treatment evidence on time using different clients
  • If you fail to submit homework when required, then you may be asked to leave the course.
  • Contact The Norwich School of Beauty as soon as possible if you are not attending a class and understand this class time will require further tutoring on a one-to-one basis at an extra charge to you.
  • Bring your course folder and correct kit to each class to include hand sanitiser and if required for your course, towels and/or hairdressing gown.
  • Where you have given us your email address you agree for us to use this as your primary contact method for all written communications.
  • By agreeing to the terms & conditions, you agree to receive all email marketing from The Norwich School of Beauty. If you do not wish to be added to our marketing list, please email info@norwichschoolofbeauty.co.uk
  • By agreeing to the terms & conditions you agree to have your photo taken during classes and for these images to be used for The Norwich School of Beauty’s marketing.


  • You must have treatments performed on yourself by fellow students during classes
  • You must arrange to bring a model when stated in your scheme of work.
  • Failure to bring a model will mean you are unable to participate in the class and you agree to pay all further costs incurred as a result of this.
  • You must notify the school with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you require the school to find a model. This service will cost £15 per model, payable by you.


  • Follow the code of appearance as listed in the front of your course folder.
  • Provide complete confidentiality both in the classroom and for clients which may include not uploading images to social media.
  • Respect all copyright conditions, complete all work yourself and to the highest possible standard.
  • Abide by the School’s Code of Ethics, Conduct and Practice – please contact us if you require a copy of this.
  • Pay £30 towards the cost of a replacement coursework file should you lose the folder provided at the beginning of the course
  • Pay £25 towards the cost of a replacement textbook should you lose the textbook provided to you

The Norwich School of Beauty contracts to:

  • Provide full details of all course fees and any additional costs before enrolment
  • Provide an ITEC accredited course complete with course folder and kit (where applicable)
  • Provide a suitable venue and sufficient safe equipment for student’s use
  • Arrive punctually for sessions and end each session on time within reason
  • Not to change session dates (unless due to illness or bad weather) without prior negotiation and agreement
  • Provide adequate teaching and guidance to all students without prejudice
  • Arrange times when tutor will be available for students to contact
  • Prepare students for examinations by providing a mock examination paper
  • Enter students for the ITEC examinations when all the requirements of the course have been fulfilled and notify them of the results within 8 weeks of the final exam date

The Code of Practice, Conduct and Ethics is designed to encourage integrity and responsibility whilst studying at the School, and to ensure Students leaving the school uphold and further the standing of professional therapists and the School.  This Code may form the basis for discussion in the event of a complaint against a Student or staff.

Students must:

Respect & Attitudes

  • Be aware of the student relationship and develop a caring attitude towards all other students and staff members, recognising the unique nature of each individual.
  • Conduct themselves in an honourable and moral manner at all times during class and when representing the School. A positive and professional manner will be maintained at all times whilst studying.
  • Not speak or write disrespectfully of fellow students or members of staff either publicly or to other students.
  • Work in a cooperative manner with other students and members of staff at all times.
  • Adhere to the code of appearance, as listed in the front of their folders, to present a professional image- failure to do so will result in the student being unable to attend upcoming photoshoots and events.
  • Ensure phones are switched off during all lessons unless prior consent has been given by the Principal or Tutor.

Case Studies & Homework

  • Carry out treatments, write up to the best of their ability and submit for marketing at least one week before the final theory examination date. Later submissions will be admitted at the discretion of the tutor.
  • Write all case studies and design all mood boards according to the guide lines supplied and ensure all client names are anonymous.
  • Respect information obtained in the course of the case study, except where disclosure is required by law.
  • Practice only within the limits of his/her training and competency both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Ensure all homework set prior to and during the course is completed to the highest possible standard.
  • Bring a model to each class when required and find models who are trying to build their modelling portfolio for shoots. A back up model should also be organised to enable you to take part fully in the event of a model cancellation.

Disciplinary Procedure

If any of the following matters shall be brought to the notice of the Principal, the primary concern of the School shall be to protect the student, staff and public, namely:

  • Conduct which Principal or Tutor deems likely to bring the school, staff, students or ITEC into disrepute.
  • Causing disruption during classes or failure to attend all sessions without prior consent from the Principal.
  • Conduct which forces staff, students or clients of the school to feel threatened, harassed, abused (physically or verbally) or undermined.
  • Speaking or acting rudely towards staff, students or clients at The Norwich School of Beauty via social media, emails, texts, phone calls or any other form of contact
  • Conviction for a criminal offence involving dishonest, indecency, violence, drugs or alcohol
  • Breach of the School Contract or School Code of Practice and Ethics.
  • Conduct which is likely to be to the detriment of students/clients/staff.

The School shall after due consideration decide:

  • Where the complaint is considered frivolous, trivial or irrelevant to take no further notice.
  • Where the complaint is considered to be of sufficiently serious nature, the school will enforce instant dismissal.
  • Where the complaint is not considered to be of sufficiently serious nature to warrant instant dismissal from the school, to send the student a warning letter.
  • In any other case to refer the matter to ITEC.


Should a student be unable to attend a class or course for personal reasons or The Norwich School of Beauty withdraw a student for lack of attendance, breach of the contract, breach of the code of practice conduct and ethics or failure to deliver course work by the required deadlines, they will have no claim to reimbursement of the course fee’s, deposits or transfer fee’s. They will have no claim to transfer to a later course. In such circumstances a student will be liable for full course fees. Exceptions may be made on production of a medical certificate or at the discretion of the Principal.